Forestry in Fujian Province
Published: 2010-01-21

Fujian is one of the important forested areas in South China, with mountainous forest as the distinctive feature. A unique sub-tropical location and climate conditions provides a unique natural conditions for the development of Fujian Forestry.


The province has the total forest land area of 9 million hm2, accounting for 74.2% of the province\'s land area, a forest area of 7.3533 million hm2 and the forest coverage rate of 62.96%, ranking the first in the country. The stumpage volume is 418 million m3 and ranks 7th in China. Among them the timber forest has an area of 4.4527 million hm2, being the largest proportion, ecological forest area of 2.8627 million hm2, ranking the second, bamboo forest area of 820,000 hm2, ranking first in the country, accounting for 1/5 of the bamboo forest area in China, economic forest area of 1.0347 million hm2, and producing a number of famous and high quality economic forest products, like tea, lychee, longan, loquat, honey pomelo, and asparagus, etc.


Superior natural environment, plentiful forest resources carry a wide variety of species resources. According to statistics, there are 4707 kinds of higher plants in the province, including 52 species of national key protected plants, 1943 kinds of woody plants of which fir and pine are the main timber species, 824 kinds of wild animals, including 157 national key protected species, and nearly ten thousand kinds of insects. Forest resources are mainly located in three cities of Nanping, Sanming, Longyan, and the three cities have a forest area and stumpage volume accounted for 66.4% and 81.6% respectively of the total numbers in the province.


To enhance bio-diversity conservation, the province has built 7 national forest and wildlife nature reserves, 25 ones at provincial level, 3354 reserves and places under the provincial level, the area under protection accounting for 6.58% of the total land area, ranking first in east China. Wuyishan, Meihuashan and Long Qishan National Nature Reserve have been listed as members of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Wuyishan National Nature Reserve has also been awarded the tile of honor as the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Relying on nature reserves and state-owned forest farms, the forest eco-tourism is in a rapid development. Fujian has built 15 national forest parks, 32 forest parks at provincial-level, with a annual number of 3.5 million tourists.


Trees grow fast in Fujian Province, the total growth volume is 34.36 million m3, and the total consumption is 31.53 million m3 of the accumulation, of which annual output of commercial timber is more than 400 million m3 and annual output of bamboo is 140 million m3. Panels, pulp and paper, and forestry chemical industry with bamboo and wood based begun to take shape. During the "Ninth Five Year Plan" period, the province\'s total forestry output value was 223.7 billion RMB, having increased 119% compared to the achievement of the "Eighth Five Year Plan". The province\'s forest industry output value reached 68 billion RMB in 2003, the forestry industrial added value accounted for 5.7 % of the GDP in the province.


The forest land use rights and forest state ownership in the province account for 15%, the collectively-owned account for 64.7% and non-public ownership accounts for 20.3%. Fujian has more than 3,000 rural collective forest farms, 108 state-owned forest farms, 118 state-owned cutting and planting farms of forestry, 742 forest industrial enterprises above designated size, of which contains more than 20 large and medium sized enterprises. Forestry sector in Fujian is relatively sound, with province, cities, counties and districts all having forestry departments. 95% of the township has forestry stations, more than 965 counties (cities, districts) established the Forestry Science and Technology Promotion Station (Center) and also the forest public security teams. Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fujian Forestry Vocational Technology College, Fujian Sanming Forestry School, and Fujian Forestry Cadres (mechanic) School of Forestry could annually train more than 3,000 people.


Scanning widely in Fujian, the mountainsides are all green, looking as far as the field stretching, the watersides are all clean. Looking back at history, Fujian Forestry construction has achieved remarkable results. Looking ahead, the development of forestry in Fujian still has a long way to go. At present, the whole province is actively pushing forward the forestry reform process with the reform of collective forest right as the key point, and make its due contribution to the construction of west-bank economic region.



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