General Office

The General Office is responsible for the routine operation of the administration. It is in charge of publicity, information, security, confidentiality, handling complaints lodged via letters or visits, and making government affairs public. It is responsible for drafting related laws, regulations and sectoral rules as well as check of document legality. It also undertakes the work related to administrative law enforcement, administrative response to appeal, administrative review and hearing.

Department of Ecological Conservation and Restoration
(Office of the National Greening Commission)

The department undertakes the dynamic monitoring and evaluation of the resources of forest, grassland, wetland and desert. It formulates important guidelines and policies on land greening, manages in a holistic manner key ecological conservation and rehabilitation projects, guides the work of soil erosion control by biological means such as afforestation, closure of mountains and hills to facilitate afforestation, tree and grass planting. It guides the control, quarantine, prediction and early warning of organisms detrimental to forest and grass. It is in charge of the protection of ancient and famous trees, work related to forest and grassland in response to climate change. It is also in charge of daily operation of the office of the National Greening Commission.

Department of Forest Resources Management

Department of Forest Resources Management formulates policies and measures for the protection and development of forest resources. It draws up the national forest cutting quota. It is in charge of the management related to forest land. It draws up the national forest land protection and use programs. It guides the formulation of forest management programs and forest management plans and supervises their implementation. It oversees the state-owned forest resources in the key state-owned forest regions. It guides and supervises forest cutting and timber transportation in accordance with quota permits. It guides the development and management of local forest stations.

Department of Grassland Management

Department of Grassland Management guides the work of grassland protection. It is responsible for grazing prohibition on grassland, balance of fodder and livestock and ecological restoration and governance for grassland. It initiates implementation of key ecological protection and rehabilitation projects for grassland. It oversees grassland development and use.

Department of Wetlands Management
(Ramsar Administrative Authority of P. R. China)

Department of Wetlands Management guides the conservation of wetlands, organizes and implements the work related to wetlands ecological restoration and ecological services. It oversees national important wetlands, the development and use of wetlands, and is responsible for the implementation of the Ramsar Convention.

Department of Combating Desertification

The department drafts national plans for the prevention and control of desertification, stony desertification, and the development plans for the establishment of protected areas on desertified land by means of closure and prohibition. It draws up the related standards and technical procedures and supervise the implementation. It organizes and carries out key ecological projects for combating desertification and stony desertification. It organizes and guides the prediction and forecast of sandstorm disasters, and the emergency disposal. It is responsible for the implementation of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification.

Department of Wildlife Conservation
The Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office of the People's Republic of China (China CITES Management Authority)

The department organizes and conducts surveys on terrestrial wildlife resources, and evaluation on the status of the resources. It oversees the protection of terrestrial wildlife across the country. It studies and offers proposals for adjustment of the national key protected terrestrial wild fauna and flora lists. It oversees the import and export of wildlife in accordance with the division of work. It also undertakes the implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Department of Natural Protected Areas Management

The department oversees national parks and other protected areas. It puts forth reviews and proposals for new establishment or adjustment of national protected areas. It organizes and carries out the ecological restoration of different protected areas. It undertakes the work related to projects of the World Natural Heritage and projects of both the World Natural Heritage and World Cultural Heritage.

Department of Reform and Development for Forestry and Grassland

The department is responsible for the work related to the reform of collectively-owned forest tenure, key state-owned forest regions, forest farms and grasslands. It formulates policy measures for forest development in rural areas. It guides the contracted operation and transaction of forest land and tress in rural areas. It also formulates policies for optimum deployment of the resource and timber use.

Department of State-owned Forest Farms and Seedlings Management

The department guides the infrastructure construction and development of state-owned forest farms. It undertakes the administration of forest tree seeds and grass seeds, organizes the general survey, collection, evaluation, utilization of the germplasm resource and the construction of the germplasm resource bank. It organizes the selection, verification, demonstration and extension of fine varieties. It guides the construction of fine variety breeding bases and indemnificatory seedling nurseries. It oversees the production and business operations of forest tree seedlings and grass seeds and supervises the quality of forest tree seedlings and grass seeds.

Department of Forest Public Security

The department guides the work of forest public security in the country, and oversees the forest police teams. It coordinates and supervises the investigation and prosecution of major criminal cases related to forests. It guides the governance of public security in forest regions. It is also responsible for fire prevention and control in forest and grassland.

Department of Planning and Finance

The department draws up the strategies and programs for forest and grassland development, and supervises the implementation. It oversees the national-level investment, sectoral budget, transfer payment of earmarked funds and see to the accomplishment of the related projects. It prepares annual production plans. It organizes ecosystem services for poverty alleviation and implements the PES system concerned. It guides the implementation of foreign-related and foreign-aid projects. It is also responsible for statistical information, audit and inspection, financial accounting management of the institution, and supervision and management of the planning and finance of the directly subordinate units.

Department of Science and Technology

The department organizes and conducts scientific research, conversion of research achievement and technical extension on forest and grassland. It is responsible for forest and grassland science and technology standardization, inspection and monitoring of quality and intellectual property rights. It oversees the germplasm resource of forest and grassland organisms, and safety of genetically modified organisms.

Department of International Cooperation
(Office for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs)

The department conducts international cooperation and exchange on forest and grassland. It undertakes the related important international activities and convention implementation. It undertakes the work related to the international conventions, agreements and protocols, and handles affairs concerning forest and grassland in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It undertakes the work related to the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, and Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation.

Department of Human Resources

The department is in charge of the human resources, organs and manning quota, labor and salary, and education for the institution, local offices and directly subordinate units. It guides the capacity building for the forest and grassland sector.

Department of Party-related Affairs

It is responsible for the party-masses work of the administration and the directly subordinate units based in Beijing.

Bureau for Retired Personnel

It is in charge of the retired personnel.