To be responsible for party-masses work of the Administration and its directly affiliated institutions in Beijing.

Responsible for meeting arrangement, document management and daily operation; Undertaking works on propaganda, information, security, confidential measures and dealing with complaints; Overseeing the development of forestry ecological civilization and ecological culture; Undertaking administration of financial affairs and management of state-owned assets.

To get hold of nationwide status of forest fires, release information on risks and disasters of forest fires, and coordinate and direct suppression of serious forest fires; To organize, direct and coordinate suppression of forest fires by armed forest police forces and professional forest firefighters; To undertake specific tasks assigned by the State Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters; To direct public security of forests, manage forest pubic security forces; To coordinate and supervise investigation and prosecution of serious violations of laws in forestry sector; To direct social security and governance in forest regions.

To guide rescue and reproduction of terrestrial wild plants and animals, restoration and development of their habitats; To supervise and manage hunting or collecting, domestication and breeding or cultivating, managing and utilizing terrestrial wild plants and animals and their special logos, and monitoring epidemic sources and diseases of terrestrial wild plants and animals; To study and propose recommendations for adjusting the lists of terrestrial wild animals and plants to be given national priority for protection; To undertake management of nature reserves of forests and terrestrial wildlife and forest parks; To undertake biodiversity conservation and implementation of the convention on biodiversity; To supervise and manage the import and export of terrestrial wildlife; To undertake the work related to implementation of the Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species of Wildlife.

To organize scientific researches and technology extensions in forestry; To organize and direct institutional reform of forestry science and technology, establishment of an innovation system and technology extension networks in forestry; To undertake forestry standardization, technical supervision, quality control of forest products and protection and management of new plant varieties; To manage and monitor germplasm resources of forestry biota, and biological safety of genetically modified trees; To organize and guide the introduction of advanced forestry technologies and intelligence from foreign countries; To engage in implementations of international convention concerning new varieties of plants and the protocols on biological safety.

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