Since 1978, the State Forestry Administration has signed the contract of 100 multilateral aid projects with more than 10 international organizations, with a total grant amount of 299 million USD, of which 9 projects have been agreed with the World Food Program, totally amounting nearly 120 million USD and accounting for 40% of the total recipients of funds, which has played an active role in promoting the forestry and ecological environment construction, developing the local economy and ensuring food security in the country. In addition, the SFA also has cooperated to identify a number of relatively stable channels of international exchange and cooperation with FAO, UNDP, the International Tropical Timber Organization, the European Union, the Global Environment Fund, the World Bank and other non-governmental international organizations and civil societies.

Since the reform and opening-up, the forestry has achieved significant results in bilateral economic cooperation. The foreign aided bilateral cooperative projects carried out by SFA were initiated in 1982. Till the end of 2004, the State Forestry Administration has signed a total of 320 aid projects with Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, Finland, the Netherlands and other countries and regions, with a total amount of aid grant of USD 398 million. A large quantity of funds and advanced technologies have been introduced into China through the implementation of the project, among which the German aid ecological afforestation projects involves 14 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), with a total of 20 projects and around 600 thousand hm2 afforestation and reforestation have been finished or planned for planting (including the forest conservation).

Through 20 years of hard work, the State Forestry Administration has achieved gratifying results in seeking for economic and technical cooperation (aid grant) projects with foreign countries, expansions to various extents have been made in number of cooperating countries (international organizations), funding for cooperation projects, ways of cooperation, and the coverage beneficiary provinces and autonomous regions. Till the end of 2004, the State Forestry Administration has established good cooperative relations with more than 30 countries and more than 20 international organizations in the world. According to incomplete statistics, up to the end of 2004, the State Forestry Administration has obtained a total of 420 aid grant projects (the amount of aid grant of each project is above USD 100,000, the same hereafter), the aid grant amounting to USD 697 million, including 320 bilateral projects, with aid grant amounting to about USD 398 million, 100 multilateral projects, with aid grant amounting to USD 299 million.  

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Since 1985, China\’s forestry sector has implemented six World Bank loan projects, and another two Global Environment Fund grant projects and a European Union grant project has been tied up with the World Bank project for sync preparation and simultaneous implementation. Through the implementation of these projects, the investment and technology content of China\’s forestry construction has been increased and the pace of forestry construction has been accelerated. It also alleviates the contradictions of the timber supply and demand in China and improves the forest production management level.

The goal of the project is to conserve and sustainably manage the natural forest resources through developing and adopting new methods, to improve and enhance the living standards of the rural masses around the forest areas, to establish the advanced nature reserve management model for the enhancement of biodiversity conservation and develop the commercial plantations for solving the growing timber shortage in the country. The implementation period was from 2003 to 2008.  

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