SHAANXI, Februray 28, -- Yang Shihua, a 67-year-old farmer in Hanshuiyuan village, quite enjoys his walks on a newly built sightseeing footpath. "Now all the folks and I know that we need to protect the source of water. Nobody will throw any garbage," he says with a smile while looking at the river.

Forest Science and Education-1.28 Water protection at source of Hanjiang River

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BEIJING, February 12 -- Another 11 National Forest Parks were added in China recently, which accelerate the total number of National Forest Parks in China to 897, with tourists reception of 1 billion and avenue of 100 billion yuan in 2018.

FYG-Forest Science_and_Education-2.12_National_Forest_Parks_reaches_nearly_900_in_China

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GUANGDONG, January 25 -- According to Guangdong Forestry Administration, 50-100 Nature Education Centers will be established in Guangdong Province in 2 years. In Pearl River Delta area, the popularity rate is expected to reach over 80% by 2020, and hit 90% by 2025.

FYG-Forestry Science_and_Education-1.25_50-100_Nature_education_centers_established_in_Guangdong

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HAIKOU, January 18, Chinadaily -- More than 600 people from home and abroad on Friday celebrated World Wetlands Day in Haikou, capital of Hainan province, the primary venue for this year's annual celebration.

World Wetland_Day_2019_2

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HAIKOU, January 15, -- Haikou, capital of tropical Hainan province, has made the protection and restoration of wetlands a livelihood project to build a happy home for the people.

Forest Science_and_Education-1.15_Green_ecosystems_in_Haikou_boost_competitiveness_in_tropical_capital

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