INNER MONGOLIA, October 1, China daily -- The Inner Mongolia autonomous region will encourage innovative ways to control desertification and contribute its experiences to more regions in the country as well as around the world.

Forest science and education 10.1 Inner Mongolia to spur innovation in efforts to combat desertification

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TIBET, September 10, China daily -- A glass observation deck at Pelri Mountain, one of the tourism spots in the Yani Wetland Tourism Zone in Tibet autonomous region's eastern Nyingchi city, started full operation last week, becoming the region's first glass observation deck at its scenery sites according to Tibet Tourism Co Ltd.

Pelri Mountain is the axis of the Yani Wetland Tourism Zone, where the city's Nyangchu River meets the Yarlung Zangpo River.

The beautiful scenery along the vast riverbank is an attraction for tourists, and Pelri Mountain, or the Pelgyal Neri in the Tibetan language, is a pilgrimage destination for many who practice the Tibetan Bon religion.

With the glass observation deck, tourists can observe the beautiful landscape from the deck with their entrance ticket; no extra costs will be charged.

Forest science_and_education-9.10Tibets_first_glass_observation_deck_opens

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BEIJING, September 5, China daily -- Beijing's Olympic Forest Park, where athletes, coaches and officials of the 2008 Summer Games could relax from tense competitions, has grown into a major public recreational facility, with architects and city planners from home and abroad lauding it as a beacon of the Chinese capital's green legacy.

Forest science_and_education_9.5_Capital_park_held_up_as_green_model

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A base will be set up to further protect 1,100 Ziyuan fir saplings found in central China's Hunan. The Class-A protected plant in China is considered to have less than 2,000 mature individuals.

CHANGSHA, August 20, Xinhua -- Researchers have found around 1,100 Ziyuan firs, a rare endangered tree that is considered to have less than 2,000 mature individuals, in the Hunan Nanshan National Park in central China.

Forest Science_and_education-8.25_Forest_of_endangered_trees_found_in_central_China

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XINING, August 19, Xinhua -- The first forum on national parks opened Monday in Xining, capital of northwest China's Qinghai Province.

 Forest Science_and_Education-8.19_First_National_Park_Forum_opens_in_northwest_China

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