The national high technology research and development program (shortcut “863” program) mainly support studies in high technologies that are strategic, cutting edge and prospective, and related to long term development and security of the country, in order to develop high technologies with own intellectual property rights, and to develop growth point of high-tech industries. The “863” program is focused on 26 themes and a number of major special projects in high-tech fields of information technology, biotechnology and modern agricultural technology. Thematic expert groups were set up and responsible for project approval, organization of implementation and project management in respective thematic fields, following the “Management rules for the national high-tech research and development program (863 program)” and the “Financial management rules for the national high-tech research and development program”. Researches related to forestry high-tech have been included in the relevant themes of the fields of “biological and agricultural technologies”, “information technology” and major special programs of the“863” program. The State Forestry Administration has chaired 17 projects and participated in more 10 projects.

Forestry technology promotion program is a key science and technology program of the State Forestry Administration that promotes the transfer of research results into productivity, the advancement of forestry technologies in order to form an economy of scale. The program is implemented for enforcement of the strategies of “Developing forestry through science and technology” and sustainable development. The goal of the program is to apply a large number of advanced, mature and suitable scientific and technological achievements in operational forestry practices in large scale in a way of well organized and planned by establishing experimental and demonstration forests and providing technical trainings, mobilizing forestry researchers, forestry operation institutions and social forces, in order to improve the quality of forestry programs and promote the adjustment of rural economic structure and improvement of forestry technical standards, according to the urgent needs for key technologies by the 6 major forestry program. The forestry technology promotion program includes extension of research results in forestry science and technology and science and technology support to the major forestry programs.

Since the integration of the 6 major forestry programs, in order to give full play to the support by science and technology to the major forestry programs, since the implementation of science and technology support projects by the land conversion program in 2000, science and technology support projects have been take into full play in the land conversion from farmland back to forestland program, the natural forest protection program and the Beijing-Tianjin region sandstorm source control program.

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The program of extension of forestry research results is aimed at extended applications of selected advanced, mature and suitable technologies in forestry operations through a variety of ways such as establishing demonstration forests and providing technical training conducted by forestry technology extension stations, forestry research academies (institutes), education institutions and forestry operation agencies, in order to meet the urgent needs for new varieties new technologies by the 6 major forestry programs, and to promote advancement in forestry science and technology and to improve technical standards of forestry operations through demonstrations and dissemination.

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Since the foundation of new China, forestry has been rapidly developed and made a large number of achievements, the integrative capacity of forestry science and technology has been significantly strengthened and provided strong scientific and technological support to forestry development and ecological protection, especially the implementation of forestry leap development strategy led by the 6 major forestry programs of the SFA. According to incomplete statistics, since the foundation of new China, the number of forestry science and technology achievements certified by provincial level and above agencies has reached 5,938, of which 216 achievements won the national science and technology progress award, 37 achievements won national invention award, 3 achievements won national natural science award. Particularly, the achievements of the project “Forestry strategic study for China’s sustainable development” carried out during 2002-2004 has provided important evidences for the central government to formulate the “Decision on accelerating forestry development”, making clear about the direction for China’s forestry development in the new age, truly playing a role in providing support to governmental decision making .

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