HE’NAN, September 26 -- The 18th Central China Flowers and Trees Trade Exhibition opened on September 26, 2018 in China’s He’nan Province. The exhibition lasts for 3 days, over 700 enterprises and 7000 visitors attended the exhibition.

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TIBET, September 10, Chinadaily -- The year 2018 is essential for Tibet's tourism industry as the regional government is making efforts to boost the all-for-one tourism to enhance the land's charm as a tourist destination at the Third Pole of the world.

Unlike traditional tourism which focuses merely on touring activities for leisure, the all-for-one tourism involves the reconstruction of an industrial chain to engage all possible sectors that a tourist may be interested in, thus making tourism a leading sector to drive along the development of other sectors.

Forest Industry-9.10_Tourism_booming_at_Worlds_Third_Pole

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GUANGXI, August 16 -- In recent years, under- story economy developed quickly in Guangxi Province. Till now, the area reaches nearly 300ha. In the first half year of 2018, the output of under- story economy reaches 49.3 billion yuan, and is expected to increase to 100 billion yuan.

FYG-Forest Industry-8.16_Area_of_Under-forest_economy_reaches_nearly_300ha

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NANCHANG, August 14, Xinhua -- Wan Liyun, son of a lumberjack in east China's Jiangxi Province, has found a way to earn money by cultivating trees rather than cutting them down.

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INNER MOGOLIA, July 30 -- Kubuqi Desert is the 7th largest desert in China. Till now, 1/3 of its deserted area has been controlled, and the ecology restored. 

The industry chain has been created gradually, including desert tourism, plantation, photovoltaics, etc, which brought ecological wealth of 500billion yuan.


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