JILIN, August 2, China Daily -- In the forests of the Wangqing National Nature Reserve, in Jilin province, one of China's most important breeding grounds for two rare species of wild animals, rangers are constantly on the move doing everything they can to make sure the denizens live in a safe and comfortable environment.

thumb Forest Public Security -8.3 Protecting the wildlife in the forests of NE China1

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GUIYANG, August 1, China Daily -- The rare Asian emerald cuckoo was photographed at Changpoling National Forest Park in Guiyang on July 28.

“Seeing its verdant wings and radiant brass-like chest, I thought the bird was a new species,” said Li Yi, a worker from the park who first spotted the bird.

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SHANDONG, July 26, China daily -- A group of birds photographed at the Xiao Haier Kou wetland park in the coastal city of Haiyang were identified as reed parrotbills by the city's forestry department.

Forest Public Security - 7.27 Rare bird species spotted at wetland park

A reed parrotbill at the Xiao Haier Kou wetland park in Haiyang city. [Photo from]

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BEIJING, July 20 – According to Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Forestry, 11.37 million mu public welfare forests will be insured against all risks in Beijing after two-year’s trial. The insurance is 1200 Yuan per mu, and the term for the insurance is one year. The compensation payment will be managed by special account, and be used for regeneration and reforestation on disaster-affected forestland.

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BEIJING, July 15, Xinhua -- China's central government has contracted independent environmental inspectors for the first time to supervise local governments.

Four teams were dispatched to Inner Mongolia and Ningxia in the north, and Jiangxi and Guangxi in the south this week. Four more teams will set off soon for Heilongjiang, Henan, Jiangsu and Yunnan provinces, according to the government sources on Friday.

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