HEBEI, November 29, China Daily -- As birds start to migrate in early autumn, Meng Derong, a teacher of biology at the normal college in Cangzhou, north China's Hebei province, starts to take action too, treating sick or injured birds trying to make their migration.

Given the seaside city of Cangzhou is an important transfer spot for birds migrating northward, Meng has treated 17 birds in the past month, including swans, upland buzzards and wild ducks, at his voluntary wildlife rescue center. When these birds recover, they will be released to re-embark on their migratory route.

thumb Forest Public Security - 11.30 Special doctors give migratory birds back their wings

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TAIWAN, November 28, Xinhua -- Egrets forage were found at a wetland in Yunlin County, southeast China's Taiwan on November 28, 2016.

thumb Forest Public Security - 11.30 Egrets forage at wetland in SE Chinas Taiwan


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BEIJING, November 15, China daily -- Wild ducks are seen at the Yeya (wild duck) Lake Wetland Reserve in the suburb Yanqing district of Beijing, capital of China, Nov 15, 2016. According to a report published by the reserve on Nov 5, 302 kinds species have been recorded in the wetland, the largest such reserve in the capital, seven of which were newly in 2016.

thumb Forest Public Security - 11.17 Birds seen at Wild duck Lake Wetland Reserve in Beijing

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QINGHAI, November 15, China Daily -- There are now more than 1,400 Przewalski's gazelle, a species even more endangered than the giant panda, living around a lake in Northwest China's Qinghai province, its only habitat. According to a survey by Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve, there are 1,464 gazelle living around the lake, about 200 more than the number recorded last year. 

thumb Forest Public Security - 11.16 Endangered gazelle growing in numbers

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TIBET, November 4, China Daily -- Wildlife patrolman Janyor and his colleagues have three indispensable pieces of equipment that they are never without while working on the Tibetan plateau - a telescope, a thick winter coat and a motorbike.

thumb Forest Public Security - 11.5 Protecting wildlife on the roof of the world

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