LISBON, May 14, Xinhua - Portugal's fire protection agency is warning that the country is at high risk of forest fires in around 20 regions across the country.

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HAVANA, May 6, Xinhua - A forest fire raging in Cuba's western Pinar del Rio province since Saturday has destroyed more than 230 hectares of woodland, state media reported Tuesday.

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April 3, BBC news - Bamboo is being hailed as a new super material, with uses ranging from textiles to construction. It also has the potential to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, the biggest greenhouse gas, and provide some of the world's poorest people with cash.

Bamboo's image is undergoing a transformation. Some now call it "the timber of the 21st Century".

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April 24, Xinhua - Fuhan Botanical Garden, often called as "a forest of rain and fog", is located at the boundary between Yushan Village in Yilan County and Wulai Village in Taipei County and is the biggest botanical park in Taiwan. There are 538 kinds of animal and plant resources in the botanical garden, which truly makes it "a land of natural treasures". It has been used as a place for ecological research and environmental education in Taiwan. To protect the natural ecology and allow the environment to continue relatively undisturbed, the number of visitors is currently limited to approximately 500 per day and the garden closes for one day in every month.

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