1. Special crackdown campaigns. In the past 10 years, forest public security forces, in cooperation with the customs, industry and commerce, land resources and civil aviation departments, organized more than 20 special crackdown campaigns to protect the forest ecological safety and social order in the forest zones and to guarantee the healthy and fast development of forestry. The campaigns, including the Spring Thunder, Green Shield, Flying Eagle and Sword, were launched to crack down on and put an end to forest-related criminal activities, including illegal and random felling, illegal and random collection of wild plants, illegal poaching and killing of wildlife and illegal acquisitions of forest land. Through continuous crackdowns and enhanced protection, China’s forest resources maintained a fast, sustainable growth, forest land was effectively protected, a batch of endangered wildlife and plant resources began to grow, and the ecological safety turned for the better.

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JAKARTA, Sept. 17, Xinhua - Indonesia is facing challenging problems in dealing with the annual forest fire issue as it is related to perilous attitude of people living around the forest and plantations.

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BRUSSELS, Aug. 26, Xinhua - Greece is receiving support through the European Union (EU)'s Civil Protection Mechanism to fight the forest fires raging in the central part of the country, a EU statement said Tuesday.

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ULAN BATOR, August 5 - On Aug.5,2014, the second Sino - Mongolian cooperation meeting on forest fire prevention and joint protection was held in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. Zhang Jianlong, vice administrator of State Forestry Administration of China was presented at the meeting.

8.6 Sino - Mongolian cooperation on forest fire prevention and joint protection

Zhang Jianlong(R), vice administrator of State Forestry Administration of China meets with vice director of Mongolian Emergency Management Agency(L).

At the meeting, the bilateral parts reviewed and appreciated the achievements on forest fire prevention and joint protection they made since both sides officially cooperate, and discussed issues they are all concerned with.

Recognitions on nine aspects were reached: Further work on fire prevention isolation belt construction along the border area, meet regularly, establish a Mongolia-Russia-China working mechanism, reinforce exchanging visits and communication between the bilateral parts, strengthen coordination among departments, ensure communication and contacts among liaison stations, build practical and effective emergency working system on quick fire extinguishing across border, increase fire extinguishing suppliers to Mongolia and encourage China-invested enterprises in Mongolia to join the protection. The bilateral parts both noted that the meeting held this time is very pragmatic and effective, and it creates a new stage of Sino - Mongolian cooperation on forest fire prevention and joint protection.

By Xin Shuyu


CHONGQING, July 25, Xinhua - China has become one of the countries hardest hit by invasive species, threatening its biodiversity and agricultural production, authorities said on Friday.

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