BEIJING, February 12, Xinhua -- The spread of the novel coronavirus, preliminarily traced to a wildlife market in Wuhan, has thrust wildlife protection into the spotlight in China.

More Chinese have expressed support for sustained action against illegal wildlife trade or consumption. The country is using the public health emergency as a rare chance to boost public education and revamp the current wildlife protection system.

Forest public security 2.12 China Focus China takes sustained action against illegal wildlife trade

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BEIJING, February 10, Xinhua -- China has launched a joint campaign to crack down on violations of the wildlife trade ban in a bid to control the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The crackdown will be held by government agencies in charge of market regulation, public security, agriculture, customs, and forestry and grassland, an official notice said.

Chinese authorities announced in late January that trading of wild animals would be suspended nationwide to curb the spread of the virus, which is suspected to be related to wildlife.

Forest public security 2.11 China launches crackdown on violations of wildlife trade ban

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WUHAN, January 22, Xinhua -- Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province, suspended all operations related to terrestrial wildlife in the city from Wednesday to tackle the ongoing pneumonia epidemic.

Forest public security 1.23 Wuhan suspends operations related to terrestrial wildlife

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NINGXIA, January 7, China daily --A group of red deer appeared at Helanshan National Nature Reserve, a mountainous area covered with rich forests, in Ningxia Hui autonomous region, presenting a lovely and peaceful scene in the cold winter.

The red deer ran down from a Chinese pine forest at the altitudes of 1,800 meters above the sea level on Saturday and sought food at Maliankou area in the reserve, according to local authorities.

The red deer inhabits most of northeastern China and provinces including Sichuan, Hebei, and Gansu.

In recent years, local government has made great efforts to restore the ecological environment at the Helanshan mountains, which has given animals and plants habitats to live and grow.

Forest public security 1.15 Red deer appear at Helanshan nature reserve in Ningxia

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CHANGCHUN, December 27, Xinhua -- A command center for the conservation of Siberian tigers and Amur leopards was co-established by a research institution and the forest police from the city of Hunchun, northeast China's Jilin Province.

Forest public security 12.27 Joint command center for NE China tiger leopard protection established

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