TIANJIN, September 10 -- Recently, the Implementation Plan of Natural Forest Protection and Rehabilitation in Tianjin city was released recently. Since 2020, Tianjin would ban commercial logging of natural forests comprehensively, and tentatively develop the protection and rehabilitation system and mechanism. By 2035, the area of natural resources would be kept around 5,565.1 hectares, the quality of natural forest improved, ecological system effectively rehabilitated, biodiversity technically protected and ecological capacity significantly improved.

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JILIN, August 13, China daily -- While the Nenjiang River was flooding, a drought was happening only 2 kilometers away, a water management worker in Northeast China's Jilin province told local media. The floodwaters, so desperately needed elsewhere, were left to waste.

Forest public security 8.13 Water management initiative to divert floods into arid land and help return balance to environment

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YUNNAN, July 20, China daily -- The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has sent a working group to the southwestern Yunnan province to control the bamboo locust plague, which began in Laos and has affected 9,000 hectares of land in the province's border areas since June 30.

Forst public security 7.20 Agriculture Ministry dispatches team to control locust plague in Yunnan

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NANCHANG, July 17, Xinhua -- A senior legislator has stressed a complete ban on eating and illegally trading wild animals to safeguard people's health and public health security.

Wang Chen, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and vice chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, made the remarks during a law enforcement inspection in east China's Jiangxi Province from Monday to Thursday.

forest public security 7.17 Senior legislator stresses full ban on wildlife consumption trade

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KUNMING, July 10, Xinhua -- Southwest China's Yunnan Province is beefing up efforts to prevent the spread of locust swarms that have been reported in some parts of the province since June 28.

Forest public security 7.11 Yunnan prevents spread of locust swarms

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