BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Oct. 23, Xinhua - Brunei Darussalam hosted the National Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) Seminar under the ASEANRepublic of Korea Forest Cooperation (AFoCo) Project on Thursday.

The seminar is themed "Capacity Building on Improving Forest Resources Assessment and Enhancing the involvement of the Local Communities to Address the Adverse Impact of Climate Change".

Brunei acknowledges the significance of accurate forestry information in the development of effective national legislation, policies and management strategies for sustainable forest management.

The role and active participation from forestry stakeholders is also a necessity in generating relevant forestry information. Thus, the aim of the seminar is to create awareness on forest resources assessment and its importance, explore capacity, capability, and technology development on forest resources assessment for Brunei Darussalam as well as the current trends in FRA.

The national seminar intends to share information on FRA and its related activities to Brunei forestry stakeholders and policy makers, to obtain information about local support in the assessment of forest resources, and to find out the capability, capacity and technology development of forest resources assessment for Brunei.

The seminar is attended by resource persons from Korea University, Bogor Agricultural University, Brunei Survey Department and Brunei Forestry Department.

GUIYANG, July 11, Xinhua - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Friday that China has designated ecological and environmental protection as a key area in opening up to the outside world.

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BEIJING, July 4, Xinhua - On July 3, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) released China's weather and climate features of June including the average precipitation was more and the average temperature was higher than long term average; southern China saw frequent rainfall processes; Northeast and North China got more showers; this year's No.7 typhoon "Hagibis" made its landfall in Guangdong; drought conditions in Yunnan and southern Sichuan reduced.

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HANGZHOU, July 1, Xinhua - A Chinese chemical company in east China's Zhejiang Province has been fined 20 million yuan (3.25 million U.S. dollars) for illegally discharging waste water and polluting the environment, local authorities said on Tuesday.

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WASHINGTON, June 23, Xinhua - Government policies that improve energy efficiency, waste management and public transport could increase global economic output by trillions of U.S. dollars a year, a World Bank report showed on Monday.

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