BEIJING, July 18 -- The Republic of the Congo today celebrated its accession to International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR), in an official flag raising ceremony at INBAR’s Headquarter Beijing. It becomes INBAR’s 45th Member State, and the 20th from Africa.

The Republic of the Congo has close cooperation with China, there is a great potential in bilateral forestry science and technology innovation cooperation, reflected Mr. Peng Youdong, Deputy Administrator of  National Forestry and Grassland Administration of China.

 FYG-international cooperation_7.18_The_Republic_of_the_Congo_celebrated_its_accession_as_INBARs_45th_Member_State

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SEOUL, July 11 -- With the theme of “New Journey, New Heights -Towards Sustainable Trilateral Cooperation on Crested Ibis”, the Crested Ibis International Forum 2019 was held in Seoul on July 11, 2019.

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BEIJING, July 2 -- Peng Youdong, Deputy Administrator of National Forestry and Grassland Administration of China met with Ivan McKee, Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation of Scotland on 1 July 2019 in Beijing. The reviewed the progress of giant panda conservation programmes and exchanged views on future cooperation.

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BEIJING, July 5 -- Zhang Jianlong, Administrator of National Forestry and Grassland Administration of China met with Terry Edward Branstad, US Ambassador to China in Beijing on July 5, 2019. They reviewed the bilateral friendly forestry cooperation between China and the US, and exchanged views on combating illegal wildlife trade, national park development and management.

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GRANDE, SWITZERLND, June 26 -- China will host the 14th meeting of Conference of the Contracting Parties (COP14) to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 2021. It is the first time for China to host the meeting. The announcement was made during a plenary session of the 57th Meeting of the Standing Committee (SC57) attended by over 150 delegates from 63 countries and took place in Grande, Switzerland.

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