BEIJING, March 12 -- China has made remarkable progress on greening the land due to extensive afforestation project implementation. The year 2019 marked the 40th anniversary of Chinese Arbor Day. In 2019, more than 7 million hectares of trees were planted, and over 7.7 million hectares degraded forests and 3.147 million hectares degraded grassland were treated, 2.26 million hectares desertification areas were placed under protection, and 93 thousand hectares wetland were rehabilitated, according to a report that was released by the National Afforestation Committee.

FYG highlight 3.12 Chinas afforestation efforts protect the land and improve livelihood

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BEIJING, March 3 -- The theme of World Wildlife Day 2020, “Sustaining all life on Earth”, encompasses all wild animal and plant species as a component of biodiversity, as well as the livelihoods of people, especially those who live closest to the nature. In China, the theme for the day is “sustaining global community of life”.

FYG highlight 3.3 China makes endeavor to sustain global community of life

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BEIJING, March 3 -- Beijing municipality strengthened the monitoring of wildlife amid the novel coronavirus epidemic, the 88 monitoring wildlife stations are working around the clock to monitor wildlife, especially migrating birds, which enters the peak migrating season. In this spring, there are about millions of migratory birds coming in Beijing, which are 300 thousands more than last year.

FYG highlight 3.3 Beijing strengthens wildlife monitoring

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On March 2, 2020-- An emergency notice on Desert Locust crisis was issued by National Forestry and Grassland Administration of China. According to the notice, areas including Yunnan province ,Tibet and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous regions, which border countries affected by the species, should be on high alert to the threat and set up monitoring stations.In prevent the invasion, China is stepping up to take prevention and control measures for the desert locust. Emergency supplies, such as pesticides, and facilities to enable a quick response to the insect.In Southeast Yunnan province, emergency plans, and contingency practices are under progress, such as 120 spots are to be working around clock to monitor the Desert Locust.

On February 11, the Food and Agriculture Ognization of United Nations(FAO) sent global warning of Desert Locust crisis. Recently, the Desert Locust has spread to India and Pakistan from East Africa,therefore, China also faces the risk of Desert Locust invasion.

FYG highlight 3.2 China starts to prevent Desert Locust invasion

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BEIJING, February 24, Xinhua -- The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, or China's top legislature, during a session Monday adopted a decision on thoroughly banning the illegal trading of wildlife and eliminating the consumption of wild animals to safeguard people's lives and health.

Highlight 2.24 Chinas legislature adopts decision on banning illegal trade consumption of wildlife1

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