ANHUI, November 2, -- Guniujiang scenic area is a comprehensive nature reserve, and it is also known as “the last piece of virgin forest in the East China area”. With over 1,300 plants and at least 1,000 species of animals, it is known as the "green natural museum".

A trip_to_green_natural_museum_in_Anhui

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GUANGXI, October 12, Chinadaily -- The serious damage caused by insect pests in Fangchenggang's mangrove forests in Gangkou district and Beilun Estuary Conservation Area has been put under control. Most of the mangrove forests now shoot out new buds.

Fangchenggangs mangrove_forests_survive_insect_attack1

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BEIJING, October 6, Xinhua -- The ecological systems in China's natural reserves are stable with numbers of some endangered animals and plant species growing, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced.

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NINGXIA, September 21, Xinhua -- Huamachi Wetland of Habahu National Nature Reserve in Yanchi County, northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is located on the fringes of the Maowusu Desert, which plays a big role in protecting the nearby thousands of hectares of farmland from sandstorms. The reserve is also home to a variety of rare species.

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URUMQI, September 12, Xinhua -- A state-level wetland park was established in Taklamakan, China's largest desert, in the northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

key projects_-_9.13_National_wetland_park_established_in_Chinas_largest_desert

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