GUANGDONG, March 4 -- Guangdong province will complete 4.43million mu afforestation area, 10.43million mu forest tending area, 261 new forest parks construction, 36 wetland parks and 2641 green and beautiful village construction in 2016.


By Xin Shuyu

ZHANJIANG, March 2, Chinadaily -- A team led by delegates from the Zhanjiang government commenced the planting of trees at the city's Sanling Mountain National Forest Park on March 1. Authorities hoped the event would attract more people to plant trees voluntarily, in the lead up to the National Arbor Day on March 12.

Around 1,200 people attended on the day, including representatives from the Nanhai Fleet of China's Navy, China's armed police in Zhanjiang and school students.

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LANZHOU, February 19, Xinhua -- The largest desert reservoir in Asia, Hongyashan, in northwest China's Gansu Province, will expand its storage by 49 percent to ease desertification in region, local authorities said Friday.

The storage capacity of the reservoir on the middle reaches of the Shiyanghe River will be increased to 148 million cubic meters to ease desertification in the lower reaches where two deserts merge, according to the provincial water resources department.

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KUNMING, January 20, Xinhua -- According to the Forestry Department of Yunnan Province, the forest area of the province stood at 19.924 million hectares in 2015, with the forest coverage rate rising to 55.7 percent from 52.9 percent in 2011.

Forest coverage_rate_in_Yunnan_rises1

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QINGHAI, January 15 -- There are 4 new National Desert Parks in Qinghai province, west of China, have been approved by the State Forestry Administration of China on January 15, 2016. Until now, National Desert Parks in Qinghai province has increased to 8.

1.19 Qinghai_Adds_4_National_Desert_Parks

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