BEIJING, May 24, Xinhua -- China will encourage private capital in the creation and operation of three large forest farms.

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SICHUAN, May 18, -- China on Thursday released around 85,000 endangered sturgeon in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in a bid to help restore the wild population.

"Dabry's sturgeon, a class A protected fish in China that is also called the Yangtze sturgeon, had lost its natural ability to breed since 2000 due to dam constructions, overfishing and river traffic, thus the wild species was near extinction," said Yu Kangzhen, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

"The Yangtze sturgeon is an important indicator of the ecological health of the Yangtze River," Yu said.

key program-5.18_China_releases_85000_sturgeons_to_restore_rare_species

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BEIJING, May 10, Xinhua -- Beijing announced that all the districts in Beijing are expected to meet the standards for a national forest city by 2025.

Key program-5.10_Beijing_expected_to_be_a_national_forest_city_by_2025

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SICHUAN, May 8, Xinhua -- In recent years, authorities in Sichuan have carried out a series of ecological projects to protect eco-systems in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

Key program-5.9_Eco-systems_in_upper_reaches_of_Yangtze_River_protected_in_Chinas_Sichuan

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URUMQI, April 2, Xinhua -- Aksu Prefecture in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region plans to plant about 70,000 hectares of trees to stop the country's largest desert Taklamakan from further expanding.

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