HENAN, October 18, China Daily -- Ganshan National Forest Park, with its abundant fauna and flora, has become somewhat famous for its red leaves stretching for dozens of square kilometers when late autumn comes.

Located in Xizhangcun township, the park is near the city of Sanmenxia, Henan province. It covers an area of 4,300 hectares and is divided into several scenic areas, each with a distinct view and palette depending on the season. Some of the most popular areas include Butterfly Valley, Red Leaf Viewing Area, Water Amusement Area, Forest Recreation Area, and Ganshan Mountain Culture Area.

The Red Leaf Viewing Area comes into its peak time for tourists when autumn has covered the whole area a sea of red leaves.

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GUIZHOU, October 18, China Daily -- The precipitous terrain that was once the biggest obstacle to Guizhou's development is generating opportunities to overcome poverty as it lures visitors, Yang Fan and Yan Weijue report, on China's National Day of Poverty Alleviation, which falls today.

Guizhou province's undulating topography has long sculpted its fight against poverty into an uphill battle in every sense - but the very mountains that had blocked prosperity are today generating it through tourism.

Indeed, the sheer karst peaks, sweeping gorges and gushing waterfalls that shape this swath of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in Southwest China have made transportation construction difficult. But their magnificent beauty compels a growing number of visitors.

About 11.5 million people - a third of Guizhou's population - lived below the poverty line by the end of 2011, official figures show.

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BEIJING, October 9 -- The working conference of Three-North Shelterbelt Forest Program was held in Beijing on October 9, 2016.

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HAINAN, October 6, Xinhua -- A colorful fields was spotted in Congcun Village of Haikou City, capital of south China's Hainan Province.

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INNER MONGOLIA, September 19, Xinhua -- Forest scenery are shot in Jinhe Township of Genhe, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

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