GUANGDONG, December 3, China Daily -- The wetlands in Leizhou Bay in Guangdong's Zhanjiang were named one of the 10 most notable coastal wetlands on Dec 3, in terms of their value in biodiversity conservation and geology research.

It was co-announced in Shanghai by the SEE (Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology) Foundation, China's largest environmental protection organization, and the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

thumb Key program - 12.20 Leizhous wetlands included on Top 10 Notable Coastal Wetlands List1

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XINJIANG, November 25 -- Recently, three desert parks in Xinjiang’s Changji Prefecture have been added into the list of National Desert Parks, which are situated in Changji City, Hutubi County and Manasi County respectively. Till now, there are totally 7 National Desert Parks in Xinjiang’s Changji Prefecture, with one National Desert Parks in each City or County.

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DINGXI, November 14, Xinhua -- Twin brothers from Dingxi city in Northwest China’s Gansu province have single-handedly “decorated” a barren mountainside over the past 48 years by planting thousands of trees.

thumb Key program-11.15 Twins spend 48 years planting forest to prevent mudslides1

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HENAN, November 4, China Daily -- The 2016 China Forest Oxygen Bar Forum was held at the People's Daily Newspaper Office in Beijing, where a list of the second collection of 47 “China Forest Oxygen Bars” was released.

Baotianman Natural Reserve in Neixiang county of Nanyang has been listed, adding an extra name to the “China Forest Oxygen Bars” located in Henan, whose number thereafter has reached five, winning another laurel for the province's reputation for eco-friendly tourism.

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HENAN, October 26, China Daily -- When an official conference on city construction was concluded on Oct 14 in Nanyang, Henan province, the local government decided to further beautify the city with seven greening projects.

According to reporters, the city is going to exploit 11,088 mu (739.2 hectares) of lands to build parks, rose-themed tourism gardens, pathways, and green belts.

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