INNER MONGOLIA, September 19, Xinhua -- Forest scenery are shot in Jinhe Township of Genhe, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

thumb Key program - 9.20 Fantastic scenery in Chinas Genhe Wetland Park

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GANSU, August 31, -- About 5.6 million yuan (850,000 US dollars) was distributed on Saturday to 80 households who took part in a tree planting scheme in a village in Lintao County, Northwest China's Gansu province.

thumb Key program - 9.1 Farmers receive big dividends for planting trees

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HOHHOT, August 28, Xinhua -- China is home to 69.3 million hectares of artificial forest, the most in the world, following more than six decades of afforestation work, said Zhang Jianlong, head of the State Forestry Administration.

Total forest acreage has grown to 3.12 billion mu (208 million ha) from 1.24 billion mu in early 1950s, covering 21.66 percent of the land area, compared with 8.6 percent more than 60 years ago, Zhang said at a national conference on accelerating afforestation over the weekend in Hohhot.

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BEIJING, August 25, Xinhua -- The Beijing municipal government has raised over 10 billion yuan from social enterprises to landscape the capital, according to the municipal bureau of landscape and forestry.

The funds are being used by projects of public-private partnerships and other foundations to build wetland parks, plant fruit trees and start seedling nurseries, said an official with the bureau.

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SICHUAN, August 24 – Recently, three wetland parks in Sichuan have been added into the list of National Wetland Parks. The three new ones are Da Wa Mountain, Bo Lin Lake Wetland Park and Ruo Er Gai Wetland Park. Till now, there are totally 6 National Wetland Parks in Sichuan Province.

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