GUANGXI, March 22 -- In recent year, Guangxi has actively promoted the measures of afforestation, returning farmland to forest. The strengthening of desertification control turned the bare land to be green.

FYG-Key program-4.16_Accomplishment_of_Desertification_control_in_GuangxiChina

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ZHEJIANG, April 16 -- The strategy of wetland protection in China’s Zhejiang Province turns from "priority" to "comprehensive". The target of wetland protection is no less than 10million hectares by the year 2020.

FYG-4.16 Key_program-Comprehensively_strengthening_wetland_protection_and_restoration_in_Zhejiang

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GANSU, March 15, Xinhua -- Trees are planted in desert area in Linze County, to prevent sandstorm and improve ecosystem.

Key progarm-3.15_Trees_planted_in_desert_area_to_improve_ecosystem_in_Chinas_Gansu

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SHENZHEN, February 1, Xinhua -- Several wild leopard cats have been spotted in the downtown area of Shenzhen City since May. The arrival of the animals was a surprise for local residents, but also a cause of concern.

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CHONGQING, January 31 -- Recently, five new wetland parks in Chongqing have been added into the list of National Wetland Parks. The five new ones cover an area of 1116.3 hectare in total. Till now, the number of national wetland parks reached 13.

By Xin Shuyu

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