CHANGCHUN, August 10, China daily -- Changchun's Beihu Wetland Park was also known as Northeast China's Urban Ecological Wetland Park. Its name was given by the State Forestry Administration. The park sits in the southwest of the Changchun High-Tech Zone, close to the Yijianbao railway bridge to the north, the Sihuazha bridge to the south, the Beijing-Harbin railway to the west and Yuanda Street to the east.

thumb Key program - 8.11 Beihu Wetland Park

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JILIN, August 4, -- Xianghai National Nature Reserve is a major habitat for migratory birds in northeast China's Jilin Province. Located in the Horqin Grassland, the reserve covers an area of 106,700 hectares, and 39 percent of its area is covered with marshland, water, reeds, or a secondary forest growth.

thumb Key program - 8.5 Scenery of Xianghai National Nature Reserve

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ZHEJIANG, August 3, China Daily -- Following the strategy of integrating mountain scenery and the water view, the Sanjiangkou wetland was built into a park that covers 1,422 hectares. Roads, bridges and railways cross the river way and the grassland. Various bird species inhabit the wetland, forming a perfect ecological landscape.

thumb Key program - 8.4 Aerial view of Sanjiangkou wetland park Zhejiang province

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GUANGXI, July 21, -- Gupo Mountain National Forest Park is located in Huangtian Town of Babu District which is in the northeast of Hezhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The 80 square kilometer park is characterized by high-rising peaks, deep valleys, dense primeval forests, spectacular waterfalls and countless springs. The lavish forests offer a home to more than 1,500 species of wild plants and animals.

key program - 7.22 Gupo Mountain National Forest Park in Guangxi



ZHEJIANG, July 19, -- With an area of 2250 square kilometers and an average depth of 2 meters, Taihu Lake (or Lake Tai) is the third largest freshwater lake in China.

thumb Key program - 7.20 Scenery of Taihu Lake in Zhejiang

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