SICHUAN, August 24 – Recently, three wetland parks in Sichuan have been added into the list of National Wetland Parks. The three new ones are Da Wa Mountain, Bo Lin Lake Wetland Park and Ruo Er Gai Wetland Park. Till now, there are totally 6 National Wetland Parks in Sichuan Province.

BEIJING, August 17 -- Since the pilot family forest farm project was carried out last August, 14 family forest farms ,with 64 local households participators, have been established in Beijing. Different with previous contracted fruit gardens, it is collective ecological forest that is managed by local households. These forests used to be protected strictly without making any benefits before. Now the collective ecological forest will become ‘Green Vault’ and bring economic benefits for local farmers.

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CHONGQING, August 15, China daily -- Located in Jiangjin city, 140 kilometres from the central part of Southwest China's Chongqing, Simian Mountain is an area of natural beauty, featuring flourishing forests, lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

thumb Key program - 8.16 Simian Mountain -An area of natural beauty1

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CHANGCHUN, August 10, China daily -- Changchun's Beihu Wetland Park was also known as Northeast China's Urban Ecological Wetland Park. Its name was given by the State Forestry Administration. The park sits in the southwest of the Changchun High-Tech Zone, close to the Yijianbao railway bridge to the north, the Sihuazha bridge to the south, the Beijing-Harbin railway to the west and Yuanda Street to the east.

thumb Key program - 8.11 Beihu Wetland Park

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JILIN, August 4, -- Xianghai National Nature Reserve is a major habitat for migratory birds in northeast China's Jilin Province. Located in the Horqin Grassland, the reserve covers an area of 106,700 hectares, and 39 percent of its area is covered with marshland, water, reeds, or a secondary forest growth.

thumb Key program - 8.5 Scenery of Xianghai National Nature Reserve

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