BEIJING, March 27 -- Six demonstration sites are to established to pilot ecosystem biodiversity rehabilitation by the end of 2019, including urban green area, plain forests, mountain forests and wetlands.

FYG-key program 3.27 Beijing to Establish 6 Demonstration Sites to Rehabilitate Ecosystem Biodiversity

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BEIJING, March 16, Xinhua -- China established 17 new national forest parks last year, bringing the total number to 897, according to a National Forestry and Grassland Administration report.

Key program-3.16_China_has_nearly_900_national_forest_parks

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SANYA, March 21, Xinhua -- Taking advantage of the unique geographical location and growing conditions, Sanya has developed mango industry with great efforts in recent years. With a planting area of about 380,000 mu (about 25,333 hectares), the mango output in Sanya reached 650,000 tons, generating a total value of nearly 5 billion yuan (745 million U.S. dollars) in 2018.

Forest Industry-3.21_Sanya_develops_mango_industry_with_great_efforts1

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BEIJING, March 12, Xinhua-- Beijingers have taken part in various voluntary tree planting activities and planted over 200 million trees over the past 40 years, local authorities said Tuesday.

Key program-3.12_Beijingers_plant_over_200m_trees_in_40_years

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GUIZHOU, March 5 -- With Karst areas representing 61.92% of the province’s total area, Guizhou is among the most typical karst regions in the world, and a province with the widest and most diversified stony desertification.


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