MONGOLIAN, July 13, China Daily - On a sweltering afternoon in the Alashan desert, in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, several Mongolian herdsmen dug holes in the sand, sowing saxaul seeds and pouring large buckets of water into the holes.

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CAPE TOWN, June 18, Xinhua - The New Generation Plantations ( NGP) annual summit kicked off in South Africa's Cape Town on Wednesday to address challenges facing the forestry industry.

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QING DAO, May 7 - The fifth APEC’s Expert Group on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade (EGILAT) was held in Qingdao, east China’s port city of Shandong on May 7. Delegates from 21 APEC economic entities had discussions on establishing mutual recognition mechanism on legal timber.  

5.8 Fight against illegal wood logging and related trade activities

Delegates of APEC had discussions in Qing Dao on May 7.

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Zou Lianying (C) and her two sons plant trees in Shuibian Township of Xiajiang County, east China's Jiangxi Province, May 8, 2012.(Xinhua)

JIANGXI, Xinhua - The 83-year-old Zou Lianying has been planting trees for almost 20 years. In her opinion, tree planting will improve environmental quality and bring offspring benefits. At the age of 64, Zou sold livestock of her family and borrowed money from relatives and friends to open the first family forest farm in Huzhou Village of Shuibian Township. By far, the family forest farm founded by the aged woman has trees covering 6,500 mu (about 433 hectares) of land. (Xinhua/Zhou Ke)

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