In protecting wetlands, Changshu started early, with greater efforts. Since the 1980s, Changshu has invested a large amount of funds every year and successively rehabilitated many large-scale wetlands such as Shajiabang and Kuncheng Lake. In addition, Changshu also planned a lot of small but beautiful rural wetlands.

In recent years, Changshu has issued many documents in succession, to regulate the administrative departments from the mechanisms and systems and establish multiple accountability system. Moreover, the city has also raised the compensation rates for protected villages of municipal centralized drinking water sources and implemented the stepwise compensation standard for the administrative villages that assume the responsibility of protecting important ecological wetlands. In addition to continuous investment in capital and manpower, Changshu also has actively introduced international cutting-edge technology, and emphasized its cooperation with colleges. Changshu and Nanjing University jointly established the Changshu Ecological Research Institute of Nanjing University, which was approved of the building of Jiangsu wetland restoration engineering laboratory, becoming the first engineering laboratory in the wetland field in China.

To sum up, Changshu is a “city of wetland” in name as well as in reality, which has been appraised as the first national garden city and the first national ecological city among the same kind of cities in China. ( Guangming Daily)


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The Poyang Lake international wetland has carried out the pilot of wetland ecological benefits compensation since 2014, and invested a total of 70 million yuan in the past 3 years for wetland ecological compensation of Lushan, Xinjian District of Nanchang, Yongxiu County and Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve. The beauty of Litan River Wetland Park lies in its integration with the ancient streets of Ming and Qing Dynasties and two ancient bridges of Ming Dynasty. The Wetland Park is divided into the Litan River wetland conservation area, the Rifeng publicity and exhibition area and the Litan River wetland ecological recreation area. In wetland protection, Wuning County, Xiushui County and other places have taken a series of measures, including closing hillsides for afforestation, setting up no-till areas, shutting down polluting enterprises, centralized processing of the domestic rubbish, ecologically treating domestic sewage, and concentrating on remediation of industrial sewage around wetlands, thereby the wetland waters gradually become crystal clear.

The featured wetland park in Jiangxi Province has doubled the charm of the city and enhanced people's happiness index. Trees and shrubs exuberate on the waterfront in Jiangxi and Poyang regions, and the natural scenery of the wetland and the humanistic landscape add radiance and beauty to each other. ( Daily)


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In order to better protect wetlands, Chongqing has not only established a large number of wetland nature reserves and wetland parks, but also conducted many wetland ecological restoration projects. In 2014, more than 200,000 ha of wetland ecological red line were first delineated. On this basis, Chongqing Municipality has given priority to the protection of key wetlands. In recent years, Chongqing organized many experts from and outside the city, to put forward 5 types of vegetation restoration and construction models combining the trees, shrubs and weeds in hydro-fluctuation belts, such as “Taxodium ascendens Brongn + Distylium chinense + Phragmites karka + Hemarthria altissima” model. In Kaizhou District, there have formed 4 governance models in hydro-fluctuation belts. In addition, Chongqing has also carried out the biological control experiment based on the Taxodium hybrid “zhongshanshan”, and has successfully brought back the beautiful scenes “that sees a vast river in autumn and winter, while fertile farmland in spring and autumn” to reservoir banks, through the implementation of the experimental demonstration project themed Bringing Changes to Our Sea and Land.

Chongqing Municipality has vigorously promoted the construction of wetland nature reserves and wetland parks and strengthened the ecological restoration of wetlands in the hydro-fluctuation belt of the Three Gorges Reservoir. As a result, remarkable achievements have been made in the wetland protection. ( Chongqing Daily)


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On April 17, 2017, Beihai Municipal Forestry Bureau and Guangxi Beihai Binhai National Wetland Park joined with the volunteer team of “Natural World of Birds” of Beihai Vocational College to go into Fenghai Primary School in Yinhai District for the publicity and education activities of 2017 “Bird-loving Week”. With Watching and Loving Birds, Studying and Understanding the Law as the theme, these activities were held through science lectures, legal forum, photo exhibition and dissemination of publicity materials and other forms. The students on site were educated to recognize birds, love birds, respect law and discipline, and protect nature, through easy and understandable interaction of bird knowledge, vivid and interesting science and education videos, the stories of loving birds of the revolutionary martyrs, analysis of the typical criminal cases of catching and selling birds, as well as by hanging pictures of common birds, distributing publicity materials for the protection of birds and wildlife, etc.

The on-campus education was one of the series of activities held for the 36th Beihai Bird-loving Week. Those activities have widely publicized the knowledge on the popular science of birds to enable more people to know about birds, so as to protect birds and ecological environment, enhancing people's awareness of environmental protection and social responsibility for biodiversity protection. (Beihai Municipal Forestry Bureau)


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Guangxi Beihai Binhai National Wetland Park has been approved by the State Forestry Administration, to become the first officially listed National Wetland Park in Guangxi. In March 2011, the State Forestry Administration approved the pilot construction of the Beihai Wetland Park project, with a period of 5 years. During the construction, committing to the basic principles that takes the ecology as the core, the protection as the premise and the development as the basis, the park has carried out a series of wetland conservation and restoration works, such as mangrove planting, salt marsh grass special rehabilitation project, and marine animal conservation demonstration project, and wetland scientific research monitoring, science popularization and education. In July 2011, the expert group of State Forestry Administration assessed and approved the Beihai Wetland Park. On August 16, it was officially listed as the “National Wetland Park”. The park is also the first to declare, the first to get approved for piloting, as well as the first to get approved and officially awarded as the National Wetland Park in the region.

At present, the park has been built into five functional areas, including protection and conservation area, restoration and reconstruction area, publicity and demonstration area, rational utilization area and management service area. ( Guangxi Daily)


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