URUMQI, July 21 - The 2014 central budget for wetland protection in Xinjiang was implemented, with a total investment of 63.62 million yuan, including 25.49 million yuan investment from the central finance and 38.13 million yuan from local finance, it was learned from the bureau of forestry of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

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KUNMING, July 10 – Yunnan Province has completed the second survey of wetland resources in the province, including the types, area, plants and animals of all wetlands with an area of eight hectares or more, major threats to the wetlands and their protection.

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TIBET, June 12, Xinhua - China's Tibet Autonomous Region has seen an increase of wetland by 524,200 hectares in the past decade thanks to dedicated conservation efforts, said a survey released on Wednesday.

6.13 Tibets wetlands on the increase

Photo taken on Jan. 12, 2014 shows the scenery of Lalu Wetland Reserve in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.  (Xinhua/Liu Kun)

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BEIJING, May 12, Xinhuanet - As summer approaches, tourists now are looking for destinations that keep them away from the heat. Check out the top 10 wetlands in China and experience the beautiful sceneries of natural reserves.

1 Erguna River wetland

5.13 Top 10 wetlands in China-1

Erguna River wetland (Photo/

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Three-north shelterbelt forest program

The three-north shelterbelt forest program was initiated in 1978, and it has gone through 27 years of implementation. When the State Council approved to start the program, it also approved the State Forestry Administration to set up the northwest, north and northeast bureaus of shelterbelt forest development.

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