Located at the west of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Xixi National Wetland Park is China's first national wetland park. XiXi’s wetland has roughly experienced three stages in terms of protection: scenic tourist area, wetland protection area and integrated wetland protection project (Xixi National Wetland Park).


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Main achievements of implementing the 12th Five-year Plan

Chinese government had allocated RMB1.2 billion yuan within the central budget and carried out nearly 200 projects since the 12th Five-year Plan, including 960 million invested in more than 160 forestry wetland protection projects. The implementation of the projects strengthened the grassroots conservation facilities and equipment and improved the management capacity of the protection, with a number of important wetlands being rescued, wetland ecological conditions of project area getting improved significantly, and wetland restoration area up to 80, 000 hectares. Projects led to the local economic and social development constantly, and people's livelihood had been significantly improved. Main thoughts of implementing the 13th Five-year Plan are to expand the wetland area, enhance the ecological functions of wetlands, maintain biodiversity, and improve China's wetland conservation and management ability, by taking the ecological restoration of degraded wetlands as the focus and the wetland protection system construction as the fundamental, to further enhance the protection of wetland ecosystem and provide better ecological conditions for safeguarding the health of China’s wetland ecological system, promoting China's sustainable economic and social development, and building a beautiful China and realizing the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation.

Wetland Protection Projects


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  • The National Committee for fulfulling Convention on Wetlands and Convention Office of the International Convention on Wetlands have been established to undertake and coordinate the specific work of implementing international convention. China has participated in Convention affairs, implemented Convention resolutions, abided by international commitment, enhanced management of wetlands of internaitonal importance and created a good image of responsible country.
  • Taking part in convention affairs


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  • Wetland publicity

We held large events like World Wetlands Day, China Wetlands Cultural Festival, Beautiful China Wetlands, the 20th anniversary of Convention on Wetlands, Wetland Conservation and Development Forum, etc. We also established “Wetland China Network”, shot and made television and public service advertising, widely spreading wetland functions and values, popularizing the knowledge of wetlands, improving the social awareness of wetland protection, and creating a good environment for the protection of wetlands.


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  • The State Forestry Administration carried out the Second National Wetland Resources Survey from 2009 to 2013.


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