SICHUAN, SHAANXI, GANSU, August 4 ,China daily -- Three provinces in China will come together to build a national park for pandas to better protect the species, reported on Wednesday.

thumb Giant Panda - 8.5 Three provinces to build joint national park to protect pandas

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SICHUAN, August 4, China daily -- Nine sets of giant panda twins have been born in Sichuan province so far this year, boosting confidence in the survival of the endangered species.

thumb Giant panda- 8.4 Panda twin births boost the hopes for survival

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CHENGDU, July 30, Xinhua -- Two wild giant pandas were spotted Saturday morning on a highway in southwest China's Sichuan province.

Chen Min, a worker with the forestry bureau of Jiajinshan Mountain, found two adult pandas walking on Highway 351 at about 8 a.m.

"There is a river next to the highway," he said. "They might have been there drinking water before coming to the road."

A panda ran into the forest upon seeing Chen, while the other was still loitering. Chen recorded its movements on his mobile phone.

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CHENGDU, July 17, Xinhua -- A 7-year-old giant panda gave birth to a cub Saturday at China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas (CCRCGP). Keepers do not know which male fathered the cub, or the gender of the new addition.

This is the mother's, Shuqin, first cub. She showed strong maternal and nursing instincts, by immediately cuddling the cub and hiding it from keepers after her delivery.

The keepers could only judge that the cub was healthy as they heard it crying.

Luo Bo, deputy director of the center, said Shuqin mated with two male pandas -- Jinke and Xiangge -- in March. On June 19, there was a noticeable change to her appetite, a sign of pregnancy on pandas.

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GUANGDONG, July 15, Xinhua -- Giant panda triplets Mengmeng, Shuaishuai and Kuku eat bamboo at Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, July 14, 2016. The world's only surviving panda triplets, who were born on July 29, 2014 in Guangzhou, have been weaned from milk and got the ability for independent living.

thumb Giant Panda - 7.16 Panda triplets weaned from milk

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