CHENGDU, October 20 -- On October 20, 2016, two captive-bred giant pandas named Hua Yan and Zhang Meng, were released into the wild at Liziping Nature Reserve in Ya'an, southwest China's Sichuan Province by China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP). This is also the first time for China to release two female giant pandas into wild together.


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CHENGDU, October 6, Xinhua -- Many people visited the research base during the National Day holiday.

thumb Giant Panda - 10.7 Tourists visit Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in National Day holiday

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SICHUAN, September 28, Chinadaily --Wenchuan's conservation center is home to a growing number of the rare animal, Huang Zhiling reports.

thumb Giant Panda -9.29  Pandas On The Rise But Far From Safe

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MACAO, September 18, Xinhua -- Macao's twin panda cubs were officially named "Jianjian" and "Kangkang" by the government out of 1,718 names recommended by Macao citizens, the special administrative region(SAR)'s civil affair authorities said on Saturday.

thumb Giant Panda - 9.19 Macaos twin panda cubs named Jianjian Kangkang

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CHENGDU, September 18, Xinhua -- The world's first giant panda Art Tour · China Chengdu Chengdu stand opened New Museum, open to the public and free.

The exhibition features photography, painting, sculpture and so on a total of 36 works of art from China, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and other five countries, six well-known artists.

A variety of art forms of works in the exhibition, so that the black and white panda, integrate in the colorful art world, demonstrating naive, stay Meng cute panda grace contented spiritual world.

thumb Giant Panda - 9.19 2016 worlds first giant panda Art Tour  China Chengdu1

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