BEIJING, June 20, China daily -- China published its first-ever guide to implementing carbon neutrality during big events, among other actions to cope with climate change.

Prior to the National Low-carbon Day on Wednesday, the guide was issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), offering event organizers specific measures to reduce carbon emissions, such as providing attendees with reusable daily supplies, double-sided printed materials and vegetarian options.

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SHANGHAI, May 10, China daily -- China will actively participate in Arctic affairs and strive to contribute its wisdom and strength to the sustainable development of the Arctic, Wang Hong, chief of the State Oceanic Administration, said Friday.

Attending the Arctic Circle China Forum held in Shanghai, Wang proposed to conduct joint scientific expeditions to the North Pole and share the observation data with other countries to promote the monitoring and assessment of climate and environmental change in the Arctic in order to deepen the exploration and understanding of the Arctic.

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TIANJIN, April 28 -- Tianjin has issued a plan to clean up illegal land reclamation projects to strengthen ecological protection along the coastline.

According to the plan issued by the Tianjin municipal government, land reclamation projects that takes up ecological protection spaces will be dismantled by 2020.

The plan requires authorities to strengthen daily inspections and guard marine ecology.

Tianjin has around 153 km of coastline. Illegal construction along the coastline such as fish farms, salt ponds and boat docks will be dismantled.

Coastal shelter forest will be increased and wetland spaces restored, according to the plan.

Country's experience a valuable point of reference for other nations to consider

BEIJING, April 4 , China Daily -- China will enhance its cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on climate change this year, with assistance to include organizing workshops for professionals and officials, providing green energy products and building a community model based on a low-carbon lifestyle, an official said in Beijing.

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BEIJING, March 5, Chinadaily -- China will pursue both high-quality development and environmental protection by reforming and refining relevant systems, according to the Government Work Report delivered in the opening of the second session of the 13th National People's Congress on Tuesday. 

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