BEIJING, March 24, -- Report in science journal Nature finds nation's contribution to global warming was overstated
China is responsible for a far smaller share of global warming than previously thought, according to new evidence published in the science journal Nature on Thursday.

The study, the first comprehensive assessment of the country's total climate change contribution since the preindustrial era, was done by a group of researchers from Peking University.

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BEIJING, March 2, Xinhua -- U.S.-China climate change cooperation was "enormously important" in reaching the historic Paris agreement, the United States special envoy for climate change Todd Stern said here on Wednesday.

"Climate change has become a real pillar in the bilateral relationship over the last few years," said Stern, who is in Beijing to meet with his Chinese counterparts to discuss the implementation of the Paris agreement and continued bilateral cooperation.

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BEIJING, March 2, -- Municipal authorities in Beijing have come up with a new strategy to try to reduce PM2.5 density by 5 percent this year.

In outlining the plan, deputy head of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, Fang Li, says coal use has been identified as one of the areas they plan to focus on this year.

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BEIJING, January 27, -- The city of Beijing will cut the level of PM2.5 in the air by 5 percent this year, and will allocate more funds for projects to reduce emissions, an environmental official said.

To achieve the goal, the capital will inject 16.5 billion yuan ($2.5 billion) into projects to reduce air pollution in 2016, up from 5.9 billion yuan in 2015, said Yu Jianhua, chief engineer of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.

More funds_to_improve_air_quality

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HEBEI, January 13, -- Hebei is to meter central heating and charge for it based on the quantity each household uses, aiming to help improve the province's air quality.

Climate change_-_1.13_Hebei_to_meter_central_heating_to_curb_air_pollution

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