HAIKOU, January 15, -- Haikou, capital of tropical Hainan province, has made the protection and restoration of wetlands a livelihood project to build a happy home for the people.

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FUJIAN, January 11, Chinadaily -- Fujian's forest coverage ratio surged to 66.8 percent and continued to lead among the country's provinces and regions, a national report on forest resources shows recently.

The figure, 0.85 percent higher than that in 2014, placed the province the first place for consecutive 40 years in the nation's forest coverage rankings, according to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.

On top of that, the number of days in 2018 when Fujian's air quality met national standards was 15.8 percent higher than the average across China, official data shows.

In the three quarters las year, in the region's 12 main rivers, 95.1 percent of the water reached Grade Grade III or higher, which means it was potable. China grades its water quality in six levels, from Grade I to Grade V, with Grade V being the lowest.
The great results achieved are inseparable from the efforts of local government, who sticks to the road of green development while keeping the province on the fast lane of economic growth.

Fujian was officially designated as a national ecological conservation pilot zone in 2016, the first one in the country.

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BEIJING, January 10, Xinhua -- In November 2013, the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held its third plenary session to focus on comprehensively deepening reform. In the five years after the session, China's ecological civilization system has been rapidly taking shape and the ecological environment is significantly improved.

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HAINAN, January 1, Chinadaily -- Feng Qingxiong, a native of Hainan province, has tried to develop a chain of inns to share with visitors the eco-culture, tradition and lifestyle of the tropical island-elements that he says carry an everlasting charm and deserve to be protected.

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ZHEJIANG, December 29, Xinhua -- With help of local government, the school has established a "Green Bank" to recycle waste since May this year. Students can trade waste for plants and stationery in the "Green Bank", which helped improve their awareness of environmental protection. (Xinhua/Xu Yu)

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