ANHUI Nov.19 - On November 18, 2014, the 8th Chinese Bamboo Culture Art Exhibition opened in Huangshan, south of Anhui Province. Jiang Zehui, national deputy director of Political Consultative Conference Population Resources and Environment Committee, and co-chairman and director of International Center for Bamboo and Rattan announced the opening of the Exhibition. Zhang Yongli, vice administrator of State Forestry Administration presented and made a speech at the opening ceremony.

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Zhang Yongli(L) and Wang Heling(R) unveiled Yun Zhu Yuan.

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SHIJIAZHUANG, Oct. 29, Xinhua - Chinese scientists have finished the genome sequencing of the Chinese jujube tree, providing an insight to develop better quality jujube fruits.

Jujube trees are indigenous to China with 99 percent of the world's jujube plantations in China. The plant is the source of income for more than 20 million Chinese farmers.

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Since the foundation of new China, the national timber production has accumulated to a total of 2,450 million m3, making an enormous contribution to the production, construction and development of the country. Since the implementation of the natural forest protection program, the national timber production has been reduced progressively, from 63.9479 million m3 in 1997 down to 51.9733 million m3.

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Recently, 2 walnut trees were found to have special characteristics with their fruits. The 2 trees grow in Jinjiang Town,Shangri-La County, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province, 30 years old, originated from seedlings. The special characteristics are: most fruits have 3 fruit ribs, kernels with either 4 or 6 sections; few fruits have 4 fruit ribs, kernels with 4 or 6 or 8 sections; also few fruits are same as common walnut trees with 2 fruit ribs and 4 section kernels.  

The bamboo floors, bamboo template, decorative bamboo lumbers, bamboo handicrafts and bamboo shoots produced in China have been exported to Japan, Korea, Australia, the United States and European countries, creating an income of foreign currency of over USD 1 billion yearly.

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