WASHINGTON,January 17, China Daily -- Chinese researchers said Monday they have uncovered the genetic basis of why giant pandas and red pandas have evolved independently to have shared features such as a bamboo-based diet and false thumb.

Despite being classified as carnivores, both giant pandas and red pandas, which separately evolved from meat-eating ancestors and diverged from each other more than 40 million years ago, subsist almost entirely on bamboo -- a phenomenon termed convergent evolution, where similar traits arise in two unrelated or distantly related species.

Additionally, both species possess a false thumb, which enables the animals to adroitly grasp bamboo.

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JILIN, January 10, China Daily -- China's first forestry satellite, which can help improve forestry management level in Jilin province, was successfully launched on Jan 9 from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, located at Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, according to the Jilin Provincial Forestry Department, and the device has opened a new satellite era for forestry management and research.

Forest Science_and_Education-_1.11_China_launches_its_first_forestry_satellite

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NINGXIA, December 18, China Daily -- En route to Shapotou, there is not much to see except an endless sea of sand. The district, in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region, is located where the Yellow River meets the Tengger Desert. For more than five decades researchers have been coming here to fight desertification. Li Xinrong is one of them. 

His mantra is: "Sands are as precious as forests", and having been here for three decades, he has clearly developed a close connection to this arid land. "Deserts are landmarks god has given us. They nurture special biotic resources. We must protect them," he said. 

thumb Forestry ScienceEducation - 12.19 Determined scientist studies desert for 30 years

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ZHEJIANG, November 28, China Daily -- Plants and moss has been installed in a subway car in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The special car is China's first attempt to introduce greenery into public transportation, an agenda that promotes low-carbon and green development. Though the car was only open for 12 hours on Nov 28, 2016, the "forest subway" still received a warm welcome from the public.

thumb Forestry ScienceEducation-12.2 Forest subway in Hangzhou

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JILIN, November 29, China Daily -- The most authoritative catalogue of rare and endangered plants from Northeast China, written by a Chinese national-leading expert, was published by Northeast Forestry University Publishing recently.

A Color Album of the Rare and Endangered Plants from the Northeast, by Zhou Yao, a biology professor from Tonghua Normal University, documents some 636 rare plants found in the forests of Northeast China.

The book fills a huge gap in the record of flora in the temperate forest ecosystem of the northeast.

thumb Forestry Science and Education - 11.30 Rare plants documented in NE China1

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