BAOTOU, April 21, China Daily -- More than 200 young journalists from Baotou Xinhua took part in a tree planting activity with their families at Meiligeng scenic area in Baotou on April 8, reports Xinhua. 

The young journalists are the first members of Baotou Xinhua Young Journalists. 

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JIANGSU, March 24, China Daily-- Citizens of Japan and China will once again join hands to plant cherry trees in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, for the 30th consecutive year on March 28, a symbol of friendship between the two nations.

Groups of private citizens and NGO workers from Japan have been travelling to Wuxi to plant the trees as a gesture of peace and solidarity since 1988. Cherry trees, with their beautiful but fleeting blossom that blooms for just a few days each year, are one of the symbols of Japan, and the flowering trees are also hugely popular in China.

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YUNNAN, February 23 -- The living image of Blyth's Tragopan was first shot by infrared camera in China’s Yunnan province in the morning of November 19, 2016. Blyth's Tragopan is the National Key Protected Wild Animal.

thumb FYG- Forest ScienceEducation- 2.23 Blyths Tragopan first shot in China

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FUJIAN, February 13 -- A Sassafras tsumu tree, whose diameter at breast height is 2.37 meters, and mean height is 34.7 meters, stands in Shangping village, Sha town of Fujian province. It is said that the tree is about 1,600 years old.

thumb FYG- Forestry Science and Education-2.13 1600-year-old Sassafras tsumu tree found in Fujian

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CHINA, February 9, China Daily -- China has gone further than any other country in bringing the science and economics of the environment into decision-making, and its efforts are a model for the world, said an environmental scientist at Stanford University. 

"In the face of deepening environmental crisis, China has become very ambitious and innovative in its new conservation science and policies and has implemented them on a breathtaking scale," said Gretchen Daily, professor of biology at Stanford and co-author of recent research on China's biodiversity and ecosystem services. 

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