CHANGSHA, November 14, China Daily -- China will build two wildlife museums for storage of confiscated wildlife products, research and education, said a senior forestry official. 

The two museums, one in Beijing and the other in the central province of Hunan, will be centers for protecting endangered wildlife species and showcasing the country's achievements in cracking down on illegal wildlife trading, said Chen Fengxue, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration. 

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October 27, China Daily -- Climbing trees, lying on the grass to watch a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis, jumping along the ridges of farmland - these are some of the childhood experiences Wu Jinhai is trying to give his son.

To get closer to nature, Wu moved from an apartment in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, to run a guesthouse in Liangzhu New Town, a scenic spot in the countryside 16 kilometers from the city.

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INNER MONGOLIA, October 13, China daily -- A group of 76 teenagers from seven countries learned about the environment and eco-friendly lifestyles at a camp in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region this summer.

thumb Forest science and education - 10. 14 Desert summer camp gives teens environmental lessons1

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SHANGHAI, September 20, Xinhua -- Fifteen art students of the university created 30 tree hollow paintings on campus to greet freshmen as new semester started.

thumb Forest science and education - 9.21 Tree hollow paintings created to greet freshmen1

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HANGZHOU, September 10, Xinhua -- History will be made with first carbon neutral summit. China launched a forest carbon project to offset the buildup of carbon emissions during the G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, on Sept. 4 and 5, making it the first carbon neutral summit.

thumb Forestry Science  Education - 9.10 Trees get green light to soak up emissions

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