SHAANXI, July 25 -- An 1360-year old Sal tree (shorea guiso),with a height of 20 meters and diameter at breast height of 3.8 meters , was found in Yinjun County, Shaanxi province in northwest China. It has been regarded as one of the sacred tree of Buddhism. According to historical records, the seed of the tree was taken back from India by Hsuan Tsang, a Buddhist monk in the Tang Dynasty, when he went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures there.

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ANHUI, July 20 -- A maple tree believed to be more than 240 years old stands in Qianshan county, Anhui Province in eastern China.

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HARBIN, June 29, Xinhua -- The polarland-themed park opened to the public Wednesday in Harbin where visitors could meet with animals living in the polar regions including polar bears, arctic wolves and penguins. 

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JILIN, June 29, Chinadaily -- Fifty-four-year-old Jiang Muli is a taxidermist at the Jilin Provincial Museum of Natural History. Influenced by his father, a researcher specializing in biological specimens, Jiang has been making animal specimens for 31 years. According to Jiang, a sketch has to be drawn before making a specimen, which requires thorough knowledge of the animal’s shape, body structure and habits.

Early in his career, Jiang often got hurt. His skin and muscle even festered when preservatives occasionally dropped into open wounds.

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SICHUAN, June 15 -- There is a well protected 1942-year-old ancient Chinese yew in Dayi County, Sichuan province.

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