JILIN, June 29, Chinadaily -- Fifty-four-year-old Jiang Muli is a taxidermist at the Jilin Provincial Museum of Natural History. Influenced by his father, a researcher specializing in biological specimens, Jiang has been making animal specimens for 31 years. According to Jiang, a sketch has to be drawn before making a specimen, which requires thorough knowledge of the animal’s shape, body structure and habits.

Early in his career, Jiang often got hurt. His skin and muscle even festered when preservatives occasionally dropped into open wounds.

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SICHUAN, June 15 -- There is a well protected 1942-year-old ancient Chinese yew in Dayi County, Sichuan province.

thumb FYG- Forestry Science  Education - 6.15 Ancient Chinese yew well protected in China

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BEIJING, June 8, Xinhua -- China released a remote sensing report on Monday, detailing ecological information related to land cover, vegetation, agricultural conditions and marine environment on a global scale.

The report, compiled by the National Remote Sensing Center under the Ministry of Science and Technology, has covered a land area of more than 56 million sq kilometers and more than 22 million sq kilometers in sea area.

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BEIJING, June 6 -- A Photographic Exhibition on Combating Wildlife Illegal Trading was held at China Millennium Monument in Beijing on June 6, 2016. Chen Fengxue, Vice Administrator of State Forestry Administration of China and Ms. Judith Gabriel, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State attended the opening ceremony.

thumb FYG -Forestry Science  Education 6.8 Photographic Exhibition on Combating Wildlife Illegal Trading held in Beijing

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BEIJING, May 31, -- The Global Art Exhibition of the Giant Panda, also known as Pandaful Art, launched its Beijing roadshow at the Beijing Museum of Natural History on Thursday, May 26.

thumb Forestry Science  Education - 6.1 - Art exhibition on pandas opens in Beijing

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