GANSU, November 20 -- The eco-engineer project of Thousand Miles Forest Shelterbelt on the desert has been started since 2015 in Wuwei, Gansu Province. With expected duration of six years and budget of 1.93 billion yuan, the aim of the project is to construct a forest shelterbelt with more than 500 kilometers and 1000 meters wide along the desert crossing Gansu Province and Inner Mongolia. After the completion of the project, the shelterbelt will form a new ecological shelter for Gansu Corridor.

thumb 4-FYG - 11.20 New Ecological shelterbelt for Gansu Corridor is in progress1

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Sand-fixation Caragana belt in the East Desert of the Yellow River in Ningxia Province (Salt pond)

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Set checkerboard or sand barriers to fix quicksand with crop straws, weeds and shrubs on shifting sand dunes, and planted trees and grassed in the checkerboard.


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For the farmlands with severe wind harms, shelterbelts shall be established along the canals and roads to protect them.
Located in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent, at the southern edge of the Tarim Basin (Taklamakan Desert), Xinjiang Hotan County has extreme arid climate of the warm temperate zone, with wind erosion, desertification and secondary salinization of land, which leads to low land productivity.


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One of best practices of compound management of agriculture and forestry: Led by the government and supported by national project funds, with the participation of the whole society, the farmland shelterbelt featuring "narrow shelter and small checkerboard” shall be established to realize the oasis shelterbelts.


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