INNER MONGOLIA, September 14-- Kubuqi model has created a great success worldwide in fighting against desertification , and also an extraordinary scenery among the desert.

FYG-Key program-9.15_Scenery_at_Kubuqi_Desert_Highway_crossing_the_desert1

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INNER MONGOLIA, September 13 -- Kubuqi Desert , located in the north Ordos highland, is the seventh biggest desert in China. The Kubuqi Model has become an “eco-pioneer” in greening the world thanks to its success in ecological restoration.

FYG-Key program-9.13_Forest_plantation_to_lock_desertification

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The Tengger Desert, located in suburban area of Wuwei City of Gansu Province, is getting cold in mid-November. In these years, Wang Tianchang has developed the habit of making his rounds in the forest that he has planted with desert plants, including Haloxylonammodendron, TamarixPsammophyte, etc.

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The staff of Minqin Sandification Control Experiment al Station is measuring the tree stem diameter of sacsaoul in nylon-strip sand barrier test area of Desert Botanical Garden in the edge of Badain Jaran Desert on November 21st, 2016. (Photo by Fan Peishen)

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