XINING, May 18, Xinhua - On the snowy mountains of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, it has become common for flocks of bharals to deny their shy nature by carrying on roaming when saffron-robed figures come close. It speaks volumes about how comfortable the endangered animals have become with the monks who have taken to protecting them.

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Director: Yin Hong

Executive deputy director: Meng Xianlin

Deputy director: Ma Aiguo

Inspector: Zhou Yafei

Deputy director:: Zhou Zhihua

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Branch office Person in charge Telephone Fax

China Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office Beijing Office Su Zuyun 010-62378201 010-62371600

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Program objectives

Immediate objective (2001-2010): Implement 15 key wildlife rescue projects, and establish of 15 centers for domestication and breeding of wild animals and 32 wildlife monitoring centers (stations). In 2010, the number of nature reserves across the country will reach 1,800 including 220 national nature reserves, with a total area of 155 million ha accounting for 16.14% of China’s total land area, preliminarily forming a relatively complete national nature reserve network. 90% of wildlife animals and plants with national priority for protection and 90% of typical ecosystems will be effectively protected, greatly improving living conditions for endangered species. Develop a plan for nationwide wetland protection and sustainable utilization, establish 94 national demonstration areas of wetland protection and rational utilization, and improve the management, research and monitoring of wetland protection.

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