Synthesis document: “How are the World’s Forest Changing?”

The analysis of the main FRA variables is summarized in this document, which is structured by themes and variables. Analysis of the current situation and the trend are presented as well as the future outlook.

 highlight 10.23 FAO releases The Global Forest Resources Assessments 2015

Find the document here: The Global Forest Resources Assessments 2015 (FRA)

Forest Resources in China


Forest, as the main body of terrestrial ecosystem and the largest biological community, is the material basis that the human society depends for subsistence and the cradle of nurturing the human race. Forest not only provides timber and other forest products for economic and social development and the people's life, but possesses multiple ecological functions such as water resources conservation, water and soil conservation and ecological balance maintenance, and supplies the human beings with venues for relaxation, recreation and other social services. Forest has become indispensable natural resources for the mankind.

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