KUNMING, March 28,Xinhua -- A rare Assam macaque has been returned to and is now living in a nature reserve in Yunnan Province after being kept as a pet for 14 years, the local nature reserve bureau said on Monday.

On Wednesday, the bureau received a call from a villager saying that he wanted to free a monkey he raised. "We went to his home and found an Assam macaque, a protected animal, but the villager did not seem to be aware of that," said Wang Xinwen, a member of bureau staff.

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BEIJING, March 23, -- China has worked out a greener economic development blueprint for the years up to 2020. Investors and businesses in China and the European Union should keep this bigger picture in mind when they look for new opportunities that the ongoing annual sessions of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee, China's top advisory body, and the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, may throw up.

thumb Forestry Science  Education - 3.24 Opportunities for all as China pursues eco-friendly growth

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SHANGHAI,March 2 -- The 2nd Shanghai Citizen’s Arbor Day opened on March 12, 2016, which will last till the end of October.

thumb FYG - Forestry Science  Education - 3.12 The 2nd Shanghai Citizens Arbor Day opens1

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BEIJING, February 29, Xinhua -- Arborists have discovered 10 trees believed to be over 100 years old in a demolition site in east Beijing.

thumb Forestry Science  Education - 3.1 Ancient trees found in Beijing demolition site

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JILIN, January 21, Chinadaily -- When a villager in Shuguang in eastern Jilin province heard his dog barking the night of Jan 6, he asked himself, "Why she is barking?" so he went out to take a closer look with a light and something lying on the ground.

As Li Changsheng got closer, he exclaimed, "It's a leopard cub," since he's seen a similar animal up in the mountains, then quickly ran to the nearest shop to report the cat to the police.

When forestry officers came later, Li told them, "She seemed hungry and a bit terrified as more villagers showed up. Then she leapt over into Yu Zaishan's yard, curling herself into a ball, and looking around cautiously."


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