ZHEJIANG, November 28, China Daily -- Plants and moss has been installed in a subway car in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The special car is China's first attempt to introduce greenery into public transportation, an agenda that promotes low-carbon and green development. Though the car was only open for 12 hours on Nov 28, 2016, the "forest subway" still received a warm welcome from the public.

thumb Forestry ScienceEducation-12.2 Forest subway in Hangzhou

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JILIN, November 29, China Daily -- The most authoritative catalogue of rare and endangered plants from Northeast China, written by a Chinese national-leading expert, was published by Northeast Forestry University Publishing recently.

A Color Album of the Rare and Endangered Plants from the Northeast, by Zhou Yao, a biology professor from Tonghua Normal University, documents some 636 rare plants found in the forests of Northeast China.

The book fills a huge gap in the record of flora in the temperate forest ecosystem of the northeast.

thumb Forestry Science and Education - 11.30 Rare plants documented in NE China1

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GUIZHOU, November 23, China Daily -- While walking is a popular exercise for many people nowadays, it can be a real challenge for forest ranger Zhang Youguang, who has consistently walked 6 kilometers on mountainous roads daily for 43 years. 

As a young man, Zhang took over the job from his father, who was once a hunter and later accepted the job of protecting the forest, as many people attempted to cut down trees illegally in the 1970s. 

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CHANGSHA, November 14, China Daily -- China will build two wildlife museums for storage of confiscated wildlife products, research and education, said a senior forestry official. 

The two museums, one in Beijing and the other in the central province of Hunan, will be centers for protecting endangered wildlife species and showcasing the country's achievements in cracking down on illegal wildlife trading, said Chen Fengxue, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration. 

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October 27, China Daily -- Climbing trees, lying on the grass to watch a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis, jumping along the ridges of farmland - these are some of the childhood experiences Wu Jinhai is trying to give his son.

To get closer to nature, Wu moved from an apartment in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, to run a guesthouse in Liangzhu New Town, a scenic spot in the countryside 16 kilometers from the city.

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