FUJIAN, February 9 -- The annual output value of the whole industry chain of flowers and seedlings exceeded 55 billion yuan in Fujian Province, up 27.34% compared with last year.

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SICHUAN, January 20, China Daily -- A manufacturer of Chinese liqueurs, Chen Chao wanders through the bamboo-covered mountains of southwestern China's Sichuan province to his "cellar", where he will check on this year's prize blend.

forest industry-1.21 Liqueur gets unique flavor with bamboo

A tourist in Yibin tries Wuliangye, a white spirit injected into live bamboo trunks as an unconventional aging technique. [Photo/Agencies]

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BEIJING, January 5, -- China's forestry sector saw its output rise to 6.4 trillion yuan (about 930 billion U.S. dollars) last year, up from 5.9 trillion yuan in 2015, according to a national conference on forestry Thursday.

China has become the world's biggest producer, trader and consumer of forest-related products, with foreign trade in the forestry sector standing at 136 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, according to the conference.

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BEIJING, December 26, China Daily -- China will bring its forestry output to 9 trillion yuan ($1.3 trillion) by 2020, a official has said.

Nearly 60 million people are expected to be employed in forestry, Zhang Jianlong, director of the State Forestry Administration, said at a conference.

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BEIJING, December 21 -- The First Forest Therapy and Medical Tourism Forum in China was held in Beijing from December 10 to 11, 2016.

thumb FYG - Forest Industry - 12.21 Chinas First Forest Therapy  and Medical Tourism Forum held in Beijing

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