GANSU, May 29, -- In Guanhe Village, Chongxin town, Gansu Province, stands a scholar tree which is presumably 3,200 years old.

thumb Forestry Public Security - 5.30 3200-year-old scholartree found in NW China

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BEIJING, May 22, Xinhua -- A conference was held in Beijing on Sunday to mark International Day for Biological Diversity and the 60th anniversary of the initiation of nature reserves in China.

thumb Forestry Public Security - 5.23 China marks Intl Day for Biological Diversity

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CHANGCHUN, April 20, Xinhua -- The protection zone for Siberian tigers in northeast China's Jilin Province will be expanded, according to an ecological protection plan by the local government.

According to the plan, nine new protection zones covering an area of 390,000 hectares will be built in the province. By 2020, an 800,000-hectare habitat for tigers and leopards will be created, with capacity for more than 30 fertile tigers and over 50 fertile leopards.

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HOHHOT, April 8, Xinhua -- Forest police in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region were on guard as a grassland fire from Mongolia approached the border on Friday.

At 9 a.m. the fire was close to the border region east of a land port in Xilingol League. It threatened some important facilities and the haystacks stored by herdsmen near the border, according to police.

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BEIJING, March 22, Xinhua -- China has expanded its ban on ivory imports to protect African elephants, the State Forestry Administration announced on Tuesday.

thumb Forestry Public Security - 3.23 China expands ban on ivory imports

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