BEIJING, October 19 -- According to investigation, the pine wilt disease is aggravated in China, which could bring great loss, especially for some sightseeing areas.

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BEIJING, September 27, Chinadaily -- China's top environmental watchdog warned eight local governments on Wednesday about the invasion and destruction of nature reserves by illegal construction projects and told them not to seek economic growth at the expense of the reserves.

Forest Public_Security-9.27_Ministry_acts_to_prevent_encroachment_on_nature_reserves

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BEIJING, September 7 -- According to the requirements of Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China, The Plan for Furthering the Standardization Reforms and Forestry Standardization Regulation, National Forestry and Grassland Administration of China announced to abolish70 forestry-related standards.

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BEIJING, September 1, Chinadaily -- Hardened poachers have killed so many elephants that they can often imitate the screams the animals make when speared. They can tell you how other elephants howl in distress when they see one of their own felled. They know that, to extract a whole tusk, they have to hack off the front of an elephant's face with machetes, axes or chainsaws. Calves have been known to circle the disfigured body of their mother for days in mourning, even until their own death.

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BEIJING, August 28, Chinadaily -- Chinese lawmakers on Monday began reviewing a draft law on soil pollution prevention and control, as the country has escalated its fight against pollution.

The draft law was submitted to the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC) for the third reading at a session that runs from Monday to Friday.

There will be national standards for soil pollution risk control, and a nationwide soil condition census should be conducted at least once every ten years, according to the draft.

A network of monitoring stations are required to be established nationwide with data and other information collected shared among environmental, agricultural, natural resources, housing, water resources, health, and forestry and grassland authorities, it said.

Environmental and health authorities of the State Council are required to conduct screening and evaluation of toxic and harmful substances in the soil and make public a list of them.

According to the draft law, the central and provincial-level governments should establish funds to prevent and control soil pollution.

The draft law on prevention and control of soil pollution was submitted to the top legislature for its first reading in June.
China is escalating its fight against pollution. The top legislature revised the law on air pollution in 2015 and the law on water pollution in 2017, restricting various sources of pollution and making environmental data more transparent.

Forest Public_Security-8.27_Chinese_lawmakers_weigh_new_law_on_soil_pollution

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