BEIJING, May 22, Chinadaily-- China will strengthen biodiversity conservation supervision and biodiversity research to protect important natural ecosystems and wildlife, the environmental protection watchdog said on Tuesday.

Addressing a ceremony to mark the 25th International Day for Biological Diversity, Huang Runqiu, vice minister of ecology and environment, said China understands the importance of biodiversity conservation and regards it as an important part of development.

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XINING, May 9, Xinhua -- The number of snow leopards in the Sanjiangyuan area, the source of China's major rivers, now exceeds 1,000, experts have estimated.

According to LyuZhi, biology conservation professor with Peking University, infrared cameras have captured more than 50,000 pictures of snow leopards over an area of 5,000 square kilometers since 2011 when the population monitoring program started in Sanjiangyuan.

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QINGHAI, April 10 -- According to Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve Bureau, the number of Gazelle De Przewalski has increased to 2057 in 2018 from 300 in the 90s in China’s Qinghai Province, and the population has also increased to 13 from the previous 7.

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BEIJING, April 11 -- Since 2005, there are some 300 species of wild animals with a total number of more than 40,000 have been saved in Beijing. Among which, there are 18 species listed as national level protected wild animals with the number of 186; and 90 species of secondary protected wild animals, with the number of 4897.

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YUNNAN, April 11, China daily -- With the number of wild Asian elephants growing, people in a prefecture in Yunnan are trying various methods to reduce confrontations, as Yang Wanli and Li Yingqing report from Kunming.

Unlike smartphone addicts who spend hours a day on social media, playing games or watching videos, residents of Basan village are using smartphones to save lives and local incomes.

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